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Attending a Self-Storage Auction in Topeka?

Attending a self-storage auction in Topeka can be very exciting! When people have abandoned their unit, self-storage facilities hold auctions to make the units available to rent again.  You can find auction announcements in the newspaper, auction websites, or by calling your local self-storage facilities to find out when their next auction will be held.

Why should you attend a self-storage auction?

Have you ever seen the contents of an abandoned unit? You will be amazed at the items you can find: units with complete rooms of furniture, units with outdoor lawn equipment, smokers, BBQ grills, and tools, units with household and kitchen furnishings; the list is endless.  The best part is these items can be purchased at a great price; often for pennies on the dollar.

Auctions in Topeka are usually held in one of two ways:

  1. Sealed Bid: This is when the facility manager takes a picture of the unit in advance and displays the picture for each unit in the office. Once you have viewed the picture, you’re able to place your bid (for the entire unit) in a sealed envelope. All bids are opened at a pre-announced time and the highest bidder receives a phone call to let them know they won the bid. If the highest bidder declines, the next highest bidder gets the same opportunity. Sealed bids offer the advantage of placing a bid at your convenience over a longer period of time.
  2. Live Auction: This is when the unit is opened and sold in a typical auction-style. You are not allowed to go past the threshold of the door, touch the items in the unit, or open boxes.  You may only have a few minutes to see the storage unit’s contents before bidding begins and you bid on what you see. Either the property manager or a professional auctioneer starts the bidding and the unit is sold within a few minutes.

People purchase units for different reasons; to furnish their homes inexpensively or to resell the contents for a profit via eBay, Craigslist, garage sales, or flea markets. Regardless what you intend to do with the contents of the unit; it can be a great way to acquire items for pennies on the dollar!