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Let AAA Self Storage Help You Stage Your Home

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, real estate professionals recommend you stage your home to ensure that it sells quickly and for the best price. Staging includes decluttering, redecorating, and making upgrades to make your home appeal to potential buyers. In recent surveys, real estate agents have reported that staged homes sell for about 17 percent more than non-staged homes and sell for 6 percent more than the asking price. On average, staged homes sell 79 days faster than non-staged homes.

One of the most important steps in staging is decluttering. When your home is cluttered, it makes it difficult for prospective buyers to see the potential of your home. It also makes your home feel smaller. This is where AAA Self Storage of Topeka can help. It’s not enough to just pack things in boxes and stick them in a closet or in the basement. You need to remove the clutter from your home completely. A self storage unit from AAA Self Storage of Topeka is the perfect place to keep your belongings until you’re ready to move into your new home.

When it comes to decluttering for the purpose of staging, remove as much as you can. Keep only the bare essentials. Pack up books, photos, collectibles, knick-knacks, and other similar items. Go through closets and remove any clothes that you don’t need in the immediate future, including any out-of-season clothing. This will make your closets seem larger. Go through cabinets and drawers and remove any non-essential items, as well as anything personal or valuable. Keep in mind that prospective buyers will likely open drawers and cabinets. Pack up excess dishes, utensils, storage containers, and small appliances from the kitchen and keep the countertops cleared. Remove any decorations from the tops of your kitchen cabinets. If you have children, pack away the majority of the toys. This will help prevent your little ones from scattering toys all over the house and make it easier to prepare for any last-minute showings. Don’t forget furniture; the more furniture you have in a room, the smaller it will feel. Store excess furniture in your storage unit.

Storage space in our home is a big selling point for many prospective buyers. For this reason, avoid the urge to simply stack your packed boxes in the garage or basement. Prospective buyers will want to see every room and having storage spaces crammed full of boxes will make those areas seem small and cluttered.

Your outdoor areas may need to be decluttered as well. Avoid having trailers, ATVs, bikes, or lawn equipment sitting around. These can also be accommodated by a self storage unit.

Once you’ve removed all of the clutter and created a simplified space, make it enticing. Give it a deep, thorough cleaning or consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Stick with neutral décor. If you have rooms painted with bold colors, consider repainting them in neutral colors. Make any necessary repairs and look for areas that need to be upgraded, such as hardware, lighting fixtures, or flooring. Be sure that each room has a clear, designated purpose.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers several different storage unit sizes to accommodate a range of needs. We also offer climate-controlled units that are recommended for storing items that are vulnerable to extreme temperatures or humidity, such as electronics, wood furniture, clothing, and other valuables. Our month-to-month lease means you can rent your storage unit for as long as you need it or until you’re ready to move into a new home. You may consider keeping your storage unit even after you’ve moved to allow you the luxury of unpacking gradually.

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