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Small Storage Units Offer a Number of Benefits

Who couldn’t use additional space? A self storage unit is a great way to create extra space in your home. While a larger storage unit is great if you have large items or a lot to store, a small unit can be the perfect size to store just enough to give you that extra room you need at home. It can be like adding an extra closet or bedroom in your home. And as an added benefit, these smaller units meet your needs for less money than larger units.

Many people are skeptical that a smaller unit, such as a 5×5 or a 5×10 unit, can adequately meet their needs, but these units can store much more than most people realize. For example, a 5×10 unit can easily store a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a few chairs, and several storage boxes with room to spare. Leveraging vertical space by using shelving also helps make effective use of these compact storage spaces.

While a small storage unit won’t allow you to store the contents of your entire home, they will provide more than adequate storage for a variety of items to help you free up space in your home. These store units are ideal for storing those items that you don’t use frequently or won’t be missed if they’re packed away for short periods of time. The following are just a few great ways to leverage the space of a small storage unit.

  • Storing your out-of-season clothing in a storage unit will instantly expand the storage capacity of your closets.
  • If you’re someone who likes to take advantage of great sales or shop at warehouse stores, a small storage unit is a great place to store your surplus paper towels, toilet paper, and other non-food related bulk items that you don’t have space for at home.
  • Holiday decorations are a great way to make your home festive, but they can take up a lot of valuable space during the rest of the year. A storage unit is the perfect place to store your decorations between seasons, keeping them safe and organized until you’re ready to use them again.
  • If you’re someone who loves to collect books, a small storage unit can act as a small library to house all those books that may otherwise clutter up your home. It can also be used as an archive for all those old papers and documents you don’t want to throw away just yet.
  • Many hobbies require supplies that can quickly overrun your home. A small storage unit is a great place to store these supplies, providing adequate space to keep them organized and easy to access.
  • Sports equipment can also hog up a lot of storage space in your home or garage. A small storage unit is perfect for keeping your equipment protected and organized during the off-season.
  • Many of us have more household items than we need, such as a surplus of towels and linens or china and dishes, that we only use occasionally. These are ideal candidates for storage in a self storage unit.
  • If you have kids, you know how quickly toys can overtake your home. A storage unit is a great place to store those toys that aren’t currently being used or that are waiting for a younger child to grow into. This could include outdoor toys like bikes or baby furniture that you plan to use again in the future.
  • For college students, a small storage unit could prevent the need to drag belongings back and forth during the summer break. A small storage unit can easily accommodate all your books, supplies, and even some furniture. This is also a great solution if you live in a dorm and have limited space since it allows your out of season and surplus items to be close by during the school year.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers flexible month-to-month leasing, enabling you to rent your storage unit for whatever length of time you need it. If you outgrow your small unit down the road, you can easily upgrade to a larger unit. Contact us to find one of our many locations whether you are in Auburn, Hoyt, or Perry we have storage for you.