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Tips for Moving Your Parents

Caring for elderly parents can be both a rewarding and challenging experience – especially when it comes to moving them into a new home. Moving can often be a stressful situation, so here are some ways that can make this transition of moving your parents as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Work together with your parents to plan the move well in advance and clearly communicate their expectations as well as your own. Be sensitive to your parents’ feelings, as they are probably downsizing and leaving behind a beloved home and prized possessions. Be practical about what will happen on moving day by making a list of who will be helping with the transition, date and time of the move, and any other details, including any self-storage plans, like renting a unit at AAA Self Storage of Topeka.

Become Familiar
Moving is a big job that can be made easier by familiarizing yourself with the new location your parents will transition into. By knowing the details of their new home, you will be able to accurately determine how much stuff is practical to move into the home vs. how much they need to donate or store in a self-storage unit. This familiarity will also help you make them feel more comfortable in their new environment and lessen their anxiety about the move.

Be Thorough
When packing up your parents’ home, go slow and be thorough during the sorting process. To avoid overwhelming your parents, pack one room at a time, going through every item deciding whether they need it in their new home, should store it, or should give it away. Help your parents by keeping this transition organized and practical, but also respect their wishes when they want to keep personal items that may seem impractical.

Follow Up After the Move
No matter how familiar you are with your parents’ new home, it can be difficult to determine how much stuff should move with them until they are fully moved in. After everything is unpacked and they are settled in, go back through their possessions with them, to decide which items aren’t used often and can be placed in a storage unit after all. Remind your parents they have access to their stored items 24/7 at AAA Self Storage of Topeka. Removing infrequently used items will help make their smaller home feel bigger.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers great storage options for parents living in Topeka, Lawrence, Hoyt, Berryton, and other communities in Kansas. While there is a lot to consider when moving your parents into a new home, as long as you consider these tips and enjoy the time spent with your parents, the transition should end up more smooth and enjoyable.