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Moving Scams

If you are in the process of moving, you should be aware there are no shortage of moving scams to look out for. Moving is a stressful process, and unfortunately, many individuals fall victim to scams during this hectic transition time.

While AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers self storage for your property and is not a moving service, we recognize that having a mover assist you in boxing up your items and delivering them to your unit is often helpful. To help lessen the stress of your move, here are some tips on how to avoid moving scams.

Do Your Research
The most important factor in selecting a mover is choosing one that is trustworthy and reputable. With today’s technology, almost anyone can build a website that looks like a legit company, so never rely solely on a simple search to tell you if a mover is reputable. Instead, ask for recommendations from friends, family, or even neighbors. People you personally know are more likely to give you a reliable recommendation on a scam-free mover than the internet would be.

Watch for Red Flags

  • When researching different moving companies, always keep in mind the following red flags:
  • You aren’t provided a written quote or estimate
  • Require a large cash down payment or payment in full up front
  • Quoting a price significantly lower than the competition
  • Information about company cannot be found anywhere besides their own website
  • Charge by the cubic foot
  • Provide an estimate without seeing the items to be moved

Protect Yourself
Even if you believe that the company you chose is not a scam, always take extra precautions to protect yourself. For example, always get the moving estimate in writing, don’t pay up front (especially in full), and pay with a credit card rather than cash so that you can go back and investigate the order if something goes wrong.

Report Fraud
If you discover fraud during your research, or you fall victim to a scam, always take the proper steps to report the fraud. Tell your federal, state, or local law enforcement, and make sure to give them as many details as possible about the moving scam experience. This communication can help protect both you and future movers.

While most moving companies have your best interest in mind, always be careful when hiring someone to move your personal belongings, whether to a new home or to a self storage unit at AAA Self Storage of Topeka. AAA Self Storage of Topeka is here to help those living in Topeka, Lawrence, Auburn, Wakarusa, and other Kansas communities, get the most out of their move and avoid scams.

By educating yourself on moving scams and being prepared, you will ensure a successful and less stressful move.