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Ensure You Have Access to Your Valuables Stored in a Self Storage Unit

Sharing a storage unit can be a great way to save some money but if you don’t make sure your name is on the lease you could be putting your valuables in jeopardy.

Most self storage companies, including AAA Self Storage of Topeka, have security policies in place to protect your belongings. One of those security measures is that only the person listed on the lease can be provided with the gate access code. Even if the person on the lease has initially provided you with the access code or key, they can change the access code at any time thus denying you access to your property.  To avoid this hassle and potential legal issues, and to ensure you have access to your valuables, make sure your name is listed as having complete access to the unit.

Several situations could arise that could leave you locked out of the storage unit, leaving your valuables at the mercy of someone else. One situation no one wants to think about is the death of the individual on the lease.  If that person hasn’t listed you as a person having unlimited access, you may lose access to your belongings.  Regardless of who you rent with, if that person forgets to pay the rent and doesn’t give you complete access, all contents of the unit, including those belonging to you, could end up being auctioned off.  While paying the rent would prevent your valuables from going to auction, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have access to the unit.  An unpaid unit could be the result of something as innocent as forgetting to notify the storage company there has been a change to the contact information or update to the credit card information.  If AAA Self Storage of Topeka cannot reach the person named in the lease, they can contact individuals who have been given complete access to the unit.

If you decide to share a self storage unit with someone, it should go without saying that you should select someone you trust and who you know to be responsible. Even then, if the other person fails to pay their share of the rent, the responsibility will fall to you.