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Get Organized for Fall with a Self Storage Unit

Organizing and cleaning shouldn’t be reserved only for spring. As kids go back to school and students head off to college, fall is a great time to take inventory of the contents of your home and look for way to reduce the clutter and get organized for the new school year. A self storage unit is a great way to help organize some of the clutter and clear out space in your home for more useful purposes.

Storing outgrown clothing

As you stock your kids’ closets with new clothes for school, it’s a great time to pull out all the clothing they’ve outgrown. If you have younger kids, self storage is a great place to store those outgrown clothes until the next child has grown into them while keeping the closet from becoming over stuffed. Before packing them away, be sure to wash the clothing. Pack all the outgrown shoes, clothing, and accessories into zippered plastic bags or plastic tubs. Label them with the season and size to make them easy to find when you’re ready for them. Including a cedar block, lavender, or a fabric softener sheet will help keep them fresh while in storage.

Establishing a study area

Students need a quiet spot where they can study. If your home is lacking the proper space, consider relocating some items that are no longer being used to a self storage unit. Pack up things like stuffed animals, toys, old sports equipment, and outgrown toys and books into plastic storage tubs. The items will be protected while giving you much needed space that you can transform into a proper study area with a desk and chair.

Storing summer toys

After you’ve bought all the school supplies, it’s time to drain the pool and pack up the boat. A self storage unit is the perfect place to store these items, along with patio furniture, camping gear, and sports equipment during the off-seasons. Relocating these items to a storage unit will help you get a jump start on your fall landscaping and ensure that you can fit your car into your garage before the winter snow and ice arrive.

Creating a hobby space

If you have a child heading off to college or out into the real world, you may be counting down the days until you can convert their bedroom into a craft room, hobby space, man cave, or guest room. If Junior isn’t ready to take all of his belongings with him, self storage is a great place to keep those items safe and secure until Junior is ready to reclaim them.