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Help Keep Your Self Storage Facility Safe

Self storage facilities are much like small communities. When residents work together, safety and security are greatly improved.

Keeping the storage units safe and secure is a shared responsibility between AAA Self Storage of Topeka and the tenants. For our part, AAA Self Storage includes a computerized security gate that requires a code, security cameras, and ample lighting. In addition, our manager lives on-site. But tenants also need to be proactive about preventing theft and crime in our self storage community.

What you can do:

• Don’t allow other vehicles to follow you in or out through the security gate. Each tenant must enter their own security code. The person behind you may not be authorized to enter. To prevent someone from following you in and entering on your security code, stop immediately on the other side of the gate and allow it to close completely before proceeding.

• Protect your gate code as you would any other password. Don’t keep it with your key. Don’t give it out to other people. If you have shared it with someone who you no longer trust or who no longer works for you, let AAA Self Storage know so we can provide you with a new code.

  • When you leave, be sure your lock is on the door and give it a good tug to ensure that it is latched and secured.
  • Pick the right lock. Avoid locks with long shackles, which are vulnerable to bolt cutters. Instead, choose a disc lock or a cylinder lock, which are harder to cut. AAA Self Storage of Topeka carries top-quality disc locks and a variety of padlocks and would be happy to recommend the best one for your needs.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Report any burnt out lights or units that are missing locks to the resident manager. Also report anyone who doesn’t look like they belong or any unusual behavior or suspicious activity.
  • Place valuable items at the back of your unit where it’s harder for thieves to get to them in the event of a break in. Store valuables in inconspicuous boxes, keep them out of sight, and consider stacking other boxes on top of them. Do not make it widely known that you have valuable contents in your self storage unit.
  • Avoid visiting your storage unit during off-peak hours when there are fewer people around.