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Self Storage is Perfect for Reducing the Post-Christmas Toy Overload

If Santa was particularly generous with your children this year, you may find that your house is now overflowing with toys. After Christmas is a great time to get rid of some of the older toys, while your children are focused on the new ones. While you may decide to donate or sell some of the toys, you may want to save toys that are collectible, valuable, or have sentimental significance. Similarly, you may want to save some of the toys for younger children or grandchildren to play with in the future. Rather than congesting your home with toys that aren’t currently being used, why not put them in a storage unit? They’ll be safe and protected without taking up valuable storage space in your home. AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers a large variety of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs.

Your first step will be to decide which toys to pack away. Toys that your children have outgrown are obvious choices. For toys that are still age-appropriate, you have a couple of options. If you think your children will be willing to part with some of their toys without tears, you can ask them to help you decide which ones to put in storage. If watching their toys getting packed away into boxes will upset your kids, you can take on the task yourself while your children aren’t around. Think about how often you’ve seen your children playing with specific toys. If a toy has spent a significant amount of time at the bottom of the toy bin, it’s probably safe to pack away. Remember, the toys you put into a self storage unit can be easily retrieved if your children become distraught when they realize a particular toy is gone.

Once you’ve decided which toys to place in your self storage unit, it’s time to get them packed properly. A climate controlled storage unit is a great option for toys to help protect them from extreme temperatures and moisture and AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers climate control units as small as a 4×4 cubby and as large as 20×20 for the serious toy collector. Because humidity can cause warping and breaking of plastic toys and cause soft toys and books to become musty a climate controlled unit is always a good choice.

Pack the toys into boxes according to age group or type of toy and be sure to label each box with the contents. Plastic boxes are a great option. They won’t collapse and will keep out moisture. If you use cardboard boxes, be sure to select sturdy ones and fill any empty space with paper or packing peanuts to protect the contents and help prevent the box from collapsing. Store toys in their original boxes if you still have them. Any toys that are valuable or breakable should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap. If a toy has multiple parts or pieces, be sure to pack them together in the same container. AAA Self Storage offers boxes in all shapes and sizes and bubble wrap for those fragile toys.

In addition to toys, self storage is also a great place to store outdoor equipment, like bicycles, tricycles, or scooters, during the winter to free up space in your garage. When the weather warms up in the spring, you can bring them back home. It’s also perfect for storing bikes that an older child has outgrown until a younger child is ready for them.