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Self Storage Units are the Perfect Place to Hide Gifts from Nosy Kids

You’ve spent countless hours shopping for the perfect gifts that will make their mouths drop open with surprise and cause them to squeal with delight. But if you have nosy recipients in your home, pulling off that surprise can be difficult, if not impossible. While kids often have a hard time finding their shoes or jackets, when it comes to sniffing out hidden gifts, kids suddenly turn into Sherlock Holmes. So whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah (Chanukah), Kwanzaa, or even a birthday, finding the right hiding spot for the gifts is imperative to ensuring their surprise.

Before you stash your gifts, wrap them as soon as you get home if you can. This will ensure that even if they find the gifts, they won’t know for sure what’s in them without opening them and leaving evidence of their crime. Also, try to stash everything in one place so you won’t forget where everything is hidden.

Here are several great spots for hiding holiday goodies from your nosy residents:

In the attic or basement. Attics and unfinished basements tend to be dusty, scary, and generally unpleasant to kids. Depending on the style of attic you have, it may be completely impossible for your kids to access. Since either location could be dusty, be sure to store the gifts inside a plastic bag or box to keep the gifts protected. Also, items that may not fare well in extreme temperatures, such as electronics, may not be suited for attic storage.

Under your bed. Put the gifts in a black garbage bag and stash them under your bed. If you think your kids will still find them, fill some additional bags with old clothes and put them in front as decoys.

In the hamper. We all know kids’ clothes rarely make it into the hamper, making it a perfect place to stash gifts. Put the presents in the bottom of the hamper and cover them with old clothing. Just don’t put your kids on laundry duty! This same approach can also work in your closet by burying the gifts under old clothes.

 In the garage. The garage is usually not the most organized area of the home, making it a great spot to conceal gifts. If your garage has rafters, consider hiding the gifts there. If not, put the gifts in black garbage bags or boxes and store them with the usual garage stuff. Keep in mind electronics, such as the latest gaming console or smart phone, shouldn’t be stored in extreme temperatures.

In suitcases. This is a great place to store gifts. The empty suitcases are taking up space anyway and kids won’t think to look in them. Any type of luggage will work, from suitcases to duffle bags. Just make sure you don’t stash gifts in luggage that you plan to use for travel prior to the gift giving occasion.

In misleading boxes. Stash gifts inside boxes or bins that are labeled as something boring or uninteresting, like “baby clothes” or “tax documents.”

Your neighbor’s house. This can be a win-win for both of you if your neighbor also has kids. You hide their kids’ gifts and they hide yours. Beware that this could backfire if the kids are all friends and know where each other’s gifts are stashed. Take the extra precaution of wrapping them prior to storing them. You can also stash them at the grandparents’ house.

In a locked room or closet. If you have a closet or room that you’re not using regularly, consider changing out the door knob with a keyed knob. Just don’t forget where you hide the key.

In a self storage unit. A self storage unit is an ideal spot for hiding gifts. Your kids have absolutely no access to it, you can store everything in one place, and it can accommodate gifts of any size.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka can help you (or Santa) hide all those gifts from all the snoops in your household. We offer month-to-month leases, which allows you to rent a unit for as long as you need to hide the gifts. Whether you’re an early shopper who started shopping for the holidays right after Labor Day (or even sooner) and need storage for a few months or a Black Friday shopper who only needs a month of storage, AAA Self Storage of Topeka has you covered. We offer a variety of unit sizes to cover all sizes of gifts, from a 4×4 cubby that will hold the equivalent of 15 file boxes to a unit large enough to park the new car or truck you are hiding for that special someone. We also offer climate-controlled units that will keep gifts protected from extreme temperatures. For as little as $20 a month you can have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how skilled your little snoops are at finding hidden goodies, they will never be able to find their gifts before you’re ready to give them. Now that’s a money well spent!