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Do You Need Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Topeka?

When many people first start looking around at different self-storage options, they typically focus on packing everything very nicely to protect their belongings, and then just piling it all as tightly into a storage unit as possible. But no matter how much care you take during the packing process, if you don’t store certain items at certain temperatures, they’re likely to break down quickly and lose any value they ever held. With climate-controlled self-storage, though, you can make sure your personal items are always stored in the most protective way possible.

Antique items, photographs, and art are known for corroding over time, especially if they’re not placed in environments with proper temperatures. Furs, leathers, clothing, and furniture can also discolor, and become susceptible to bacteria and mildew if left at the wrong temperatures. Musical instruments, electronics, documents and important records, and any kind of computer software, CDs, or DVDs, also need to be kept at proper temperatures to ensure that they don’t warp or become damaged. When storing any of these items, and maybe even a few more, you’ll definitely want to make sure you lease a climate-controlled storage unit.

When choosing your storage unit, also consider the conditions under which you’ll be comfortable visiting the unit, and how often you’ll need to.  You might not want to spend hours digging through a non-climate controlled unit during the cold winter months and even less time in a hot unit that has been baking in the sun all summer long. We have climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units, and any size you need from cubbies to larger units.