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Protect Your Musical Instruments in Storage

If you’re a musician, you know that musical instruments are a significant financial investment. In many cases they have great sentimental value as well. With proper care, instruments can last a lifetime. This care includes proper storage. While storing instruments at home in the proper climate is usually ideal, this may not always be possible. Storing your instruments in an attic or cellar is not a good idea as the temperature and humidity can vary too much and be difficult to control. A climate controlled self storage unit from AAA Self Storage of Topeka, however, can be an excellent option for storing instruments, as well as your accompanying electronic equipment, sheet music, and audio backups. (more…)

Know What Can and Can’t Be Stored in Your Self Storage Unit

Who couldn’t benefit from a little more space at home? A self storage unit is a great way to free up some storage space at home by relocating those items you don’t use regularly. While self storage is great for storing things like seasonal decorations, lawn furniture, or sports equipment, some items should only be stored in a climate controlled unit and others should never be stored in any type of self storage unit. (more…)

Free Up Space at Home by Storing Tax Returns and Other Documents in Self Storage

Now that tax season is behind us, you may be wondering what to do with all of your tax paperwork. Taking the time to properly store your tax documents may help prevent tax headaches down the road.

Tax documents need to be kept for a specified amount of time. How long varies depending on the action, expense, or event impacting those records, according to the IRS. You need to keep them for the time frame during which the IRS can audit a return or when you can file an amended return. In general, the IRS recommends you save federal tax returns for at least three years, including relevant documentation like W2s, 1099s, and any documents related to itemized deductions. Investment forms, such as IRA account documents, should be kept for a minimum of seven years, while bank statements and paystubs only need to be kept for two years. Some documents, like property records, should be kept indefinitely. (more…)

Do You Need Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Topeka?

When many people first start looking around at different self-storage options, they typically focus on packing everything very nicely to protect their belongings, and then just piling it all as tightly into a storage unit as possible. But no matter how much care you take during the packing process, if you don’t store certain items at certain temperatures, they’re likely to break down quickly and lose any value they ever held. With climate-controlled self-storage, though, you can make sure your personal items are always stored in the most protective way possible. (more…)