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Know What Can and Can’t Be Stored in Your Self Storage Unit

Who couldn’t benefit from a little more space at home? A self storage unit is a great way to free up some storage space at home by relocating those items you don’t use regularly. While self storage is great for storing things like seasonal decorations, lawn furniture, or sports equipment, some items should only be stored in a climate controlled unit and others should never be stored in any type of self storage unit.

Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage

Some items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures and moisture would not fare well in a standard self storage unit as these units do not offer any protection against the extreme temperatures or humidity in Kansas. In order to safely store these items while preventing them from being damaged, a climate controlled storage unit is necessary. Items that should be stored in climate controlled storage units include:

Photos, books, and documents

Heat and humidity are not kind to photos, books, and documents. Heat can cause the chemicals used to print photos to melt. Humidity can cause photos to stick together and cause books and other documents to yellow or develop mold and mildew.

Collectibles, art, and other valuables

Like photos and books, artwork, antiques, and other collectibles can be irreversibly damaged by extreme temperatures and humidity. To protect your valuables and preserve their value, a climate controlled unit is highly recommended.

Furniture and clothing

Furniture and fabrics are vulnerable to the effects of temperature changes and humidity. Wood can crack, tear, break, or warp. Fabrics can yellow, degrade, or develop mold or mildew.


Electronics contain delicate components that are highly sensitive to extreme temperatures. A climate controlled storage unit will keep them at an optimal temperature and reduce humidity levels to ensure they stay in good working condition while in storage.

Items Not Suited for Self Storage

The following items should never be stored in any self storage unit:


While most people realize that storing perishable food in a self storage unit is a bad idea, some don’t realize that they should also refrain from keeping non-perishable food, such as spices, boxed goods or canned goods, in their storage unit. While non-perishable food may not spoil or rot like perishable food, the scent will attract rodents and insects, which can infest your unit and your belongings, causing damage.

Operating appliances

Self storage is a great place to store appliances that aren’t currently being used, such as refrigerators, freezers, generators, or space heaters. However, appliances cannot be plugged in and operating while in your storage unit.

Chemicals, fuels, and solvents

Chemicals, fuels, and solvents are combustible materials that require good ventilation while being store. Self storage units do not provide adequate ventilation. Any materials that are flammable or combustible are strictly prohibited from being stored in self storage units, including cleaning supplies, paint, paint thinner, gas, and fertilizers. If in doubt, check with an AAA Self Storage employee for assistance.


Explosives, firearms, ammunition, and fireworks are all strictly prohibited and may not be stored in your self storage unit.

Living things

While it should go without saying, a self storage unit is not an appropriate place to store living things, including plants or pets. There is not adequate sunlight or ventilation in a storage unit for plants or animals to survive, even in climate controlled storage units.


Mothballs are not permitted in a storage unit due to the offensive odor they emit. This odor becomes imbedded in the contents of a storage unit and the units in the surrounding area. It is particularly difficult to remove the odor from clothing and other fabric items. Lavender is a great alternative that won’t cause your belongings to stink.