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Self Storage Units Provide the Storage Space that Millennials are Lacking

If you’re part of the Millennial Generation, you’re in good company. With more than 75 million members, the Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., making up one-third of the U.S. population in 2013. Your generation is a diverse group of individuals encompassing a range of life stages, from the youngest attending college to the oldest of the group starting families and putting down roots. One thing common to your generation, however, is that in addition to being the most educated of any current generation, your generation has also been affected more by the recent recession than other generation. Faced with staggering student debt, high unemployment rates, and credit issues, your generation is faring worse than any other current generation did at the same age.

As a result of these impacts, Millennials have been reluctant to enter the housing market, both as homeowners and as independent renters. Many are moving back in with their parents after graduating college and entering the work force. Of those who aren’t moving back home, many are sharing space with roommates or moving into small spaces that are more affordable or in urban centers close to shopping, restaurants, and job opportunities. The few from your generation who are making the leap into home ownership are opting for small homes to better fit their budgets and lifestyles.

Regardless of where you end up calling home, as a Millennial it is more than likely that storage space is not in abundance. For this reason, self storage units are a great solution, regardless of where you find yourself on the Millennial spectrum.

At the younger end of the spectrum are those Millennials still in college, most likely living in either a dorm or an apartment. If you find yourself in this group, you are undoubtedly well aware that storage space is severely lacking, especially if you have roommates. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stash out-of-season clothing or textbooks from a previous semester or need somewhere to house your belongings between addresses while you’re home for the summer, a self storage unit is a great option, letting you rent as much space as you need without being locked into a long-term lease.

Recent graduates and those just starting their careers are next on the spectrum. If you’re in this group, you may be struggling to find a job that pays well enough to allow you to make a dent in your student debt. If you’re sharing living space with roommates, you may have furniture that you don’t currently have the space to use. A self storage unit is ideal, letting you hang onto your furniture until you are ready to move into a bigger space or until your roommate moves out and takes the sofa or TV with them. This is also a great place to house all of your college memorabilia. If you find yourself moving back in with Mom and Dad while you establish your career, you may quickly find that Mom and Dad have already claimed every square foot of storage space. Again, a storage unit will give you a place to keep those things you don’t need daily while providing easy access when needed.

At the older end of the Millennial spectrum are those who are settling into their careers and starting families. Even those who are entering into home ownership are opting for smaller spaces that are more budget-friendly. If you’re among these Millennials, you may find that between the possessions you’ve amassed over the years and all of the toys, clothes, and bulky gear necessitated by having children, that storage space is still inadequate. In addition, your parents may be heading into retirement and downsizing their own homes, transferring the responsibility for storage of all your childhood treasures to you. A storage unit is perfect for storing hand-me-down clothing and toys that are waiting for the next recipient, seasonal decorations or lawn tools, sports equipment, furniture, books, and even all those breakable items that are far from child-friendly. 24-7 access ensures you can retrieve items at any time when needed.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers a range of self storage units to meet your specific needs. We offer several different sizes of self storage units, from small units perfect for storing boxes of clothing, books, or documents, to large units that can store several rooms’ worth of furniture. Climate controlled units are also available to store those items that may not fare well in extreme temperatures. Month-to-month leasing gives you the flexibility to rent a storage unit for as long as you need it, whether that’s a few months over summer break or for several years. With 24-7 access, you can easily get what you need when you need it. Video cameras and password-protected entry gates help ensure the safety of both you and your belongings.

Not sure which storage unit will work best? Check out AAA Self Storage of Topeka’s ‘Unit Size Guide / Pricing’ website page for an idea of what will fit in any unit size. You can also call or come visit us in person. Based on what and how much you need to store, we can give you guidance on which unit we think will best meet your needs. With our flexible leasing options, if your needs change down the road, you can easily move to a bigger or smaller unit.

We are located in Lawrence, Berryton, Hoyt and other surrounding areas. Contact AAA Self Storage of Topeka today to find a location near you!

Ease the Pain of Downsizing with a Self Storage Unit

Downsizing is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot recently, but it doesn’t just apply to corporations. More and more people are opting to downsize their homes for a variety of reasons, ranging from having more space than they need after kids have left home to moving to a smaller space in a retirement community to simply wanting to leave a smaller footprint. How much people downsize also varies, with some shifting from a McMansion to a condo, while others may be downsizing in a less extreme manner, simply going to a slightly smaller house, giving up only a few hundred square feet.

Downsizing has definite advantages. Going to a small space typically means paying less in taxes and utilities, as well as having less space to maintain. But there are some disadvantages as well, with the biggest being that you will obviously have less space. And storage space is usually first to get sacrificed in a smaller living space. Even reducing your living space by a few hundred square feet can mean giving up a significant amount of storage space. So how do you condense your belongings to fit your new, smaller space? Reduce and declutter.

Start by taking inventory of your belongings. Be brutally honest about what you really need to keep and get rid of anything you no longer use or want. Don’t hold on to things you think you might possibly use someday. Also look for duplicates and extra items that you can eliminate. Do you really need six casserole dishes or five extra sets of sheets? Can you get by with four chairs instead of six around your kitchen table? Once you’ve eliminated as much as you can, donate anything that’s still in good working condition.

Next, look through the items you’ve decided to keep and decide what you need to be able to access on a daily basis and what you only use occasionally. For those things that you don’t use frequently, a self storage unit is the perfect solution. Things that are good candidates for self storage include hand-me-down clothing and toys, sports equipment, seasonal clothing, seasonal decorations and lawn equipment, small business supplies, and furniture you may want later or that you want to pass on to your kids. If you’ve inherited furniture or other items from relatives who have passed, self storage is a good option for storing them as well if you don’t have a current use for them.

As you shift belongings from your home to your storage unit, take a few steps to make it as convenient as possible to retrieve items when needed. Start by organizing everything by either room or function. Be sure to label the contents of every box. Think about how often you may need access to the items in each box and put those that you don’t anticipate needing frequently in the back of the unit or on the bottom of stacks. Keep a master list of everything you’ve moved into your storage unit and be sure to update the list if you add or remove items.

AAA Self Storage of Topeka has a variety of sizes of self storage units to choose from to accommodate any needs. If you have delicate items that are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, we have climate controlled unit available. You will have convenient access to your storage unit at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. At AAA Self Storage of Topeka, we make it a priority to ensure the safety of the items you have chosen to store with us as well as your personal safety. Our property is equip with video cameras and access is restricted, requiring a passcode to gain access to and from the property.

Knowing that your belongings are stored in a safe place that you can access whenever needed will make downsizing feel like less of a sacrifice and allow you to enjoy your new home. Find us in Silver Lake, Auburn, Mayetta and other surrounding areas. Contact AAA Self Storage of Topeka to find the location nearest you!

Take the Hassle Out of Receiving Mail and Packages with a Post Office Box

If you work from home or are away from home frequently, managing the delivery of mail and packages can become a headache. Renting a post office box from AAA Self Storage of Topeka is the perfect solution. A post office box is perfect for a variety of individuals, including sales people who travel frequently, people who work from home, truck drivers, retirees who travel for long periods at a time, and even online shoppers who work during the day and can’t be home to accept their purchases.

A P.O. Box from AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers several benefits: (more…)

Prepare for the Unexpected with a Self Storage Unit

Disasters strike, often without warning, and never when it’s convenient. Whether it’s a natural disaster, such as a tornado, wind storm, hail storm, flooding, or lighting strike, or an emergency situation, such as a house fire, burst pipes, a roof leak, or a flooded basement, having a plan in place will allow you to react quickly and minimize the stress.

Your first step should be to develop disaster plans for each type of potential disaster. You should include places you could go if your home is no longer inhabitable and how to contact other members of the family if you are separated. You’ll also want to create a disaster emergency kit. Your kit should include clothing, pillows and blankets, flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, a can opener, utensils, candles, toiletries, and a first-aid kit. If you have a pet, don’t forget to include pet food. A good rule of thumb is to have enough supplies for each family member for three days. (more…)

Self Storage is Ideal for Winter Gear and Equipment

Spring weather has finally arrived, which means it’s time to break out the lawn gear and resume your seasonal landscaping duties. It’s also safe to assume you’re done with your winter gear for the season and you can pack it away until next winter. If available space is in short supply, consider renting a self-storage unit. This is a great option for the equipment and gear that you only use for a few months each year.

Regardless of where you store your winter items, be sure you properly prepare them for storage to prolong their lifespans and ensure they’re ready to go next fall. (more…)

Proper Packing Will Keep Your Items Save in Storage

Self storage is a great solution for both short-term and long-term storage, freeing up space at home while keeping your belongings safe and accessible. But before you put your possessions into storage, be sure to pack them the right way to ensure they’re protected.

Start by assembling the supplies you’ll need to properly pack all of your belongings. Most of the packing items you need can be found at AAA Self Storage. (more…)

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Self Storage

No matter how much storage space you have, it never seems like it’s enough. Before you know it, closets are stuffed beyond capacity and you’re utilizing space you’d rather dedicate to other uses as storage space. Reclaim all that space by renting a self storage unit.

There are many self storage options from which to choose and it’s important to find one that meets your personal needs. Obviously price will be one consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only one. There are many factors to consider before you rent a self storage unit to ensure you rent the one that is best for you. (more…)

Self Storage is a Great Solution for Groups and Organizations

Nobody ever seems to have enough storage space. While many of us use self storage units for personal or business purposes, we may not think of it as a storage option for a group or organization. As part of our hectic lives, many of us donate time or are involved with a group or organization, such as scouts, church, charities, clubs, sports teams, HOAs, schools, or fraternal groups. These types of groups often need space to store things like supplies, displays, props, equipment, and items for fundraisers. This is especially true for groups that don’t have a permanent location. Rather than trying to store everything at members’ homes, why not use a self storage unit? (more…)

Self Storage is Perfect for Reducing the Post-Christmas Toy Overload

If Santa was particularly generous with your children this year, you may find that your house is now overflowing with toys. After Christmas is a great time to get rid of some of the older toys, while your children are focused on the new ones. While you may decide to donate or sell some of the toys, you may want to save toys that are collectible, valuable, or have sentimental significance. Similarly, you may want to save some of the toys for younger children or grandchildren to play with in the future. Rather than congesting your home with toys that aren’t currently being used, why not put them in a storage unit? They’ll be safe and protected without taking up valuable storage space in your home. AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers a large variety of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs.

Your first step will be to decide which toys to pack away. Toys that your children have outgrown are obvious choices. For toys that are still age-appropriate, you have a couple of options. If you think your children will be willing to part with some of their toys without tears, you can ask them to help you decide which ones to put in storage. If watching their toys getting packed away into boxes will upset your kids, you can take on the task yourself while your children aren’t around. Think about how often you’ve seen your children playing with specific toys. If a toy has spent a significant amount of time at the bottom of the toy bin, it’s probably safe to pack away. Remember, the toys you put into a self storage unit can be easily retrieved if your children become distraught when they realize a particular toy is gone.

Once you’ve decided which toys to place in your self storage unit, it’s time to get them packed properly. A climate controlled storage unit is a great option for toys to help protect them from extreme temperatures and moisture and AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers climate control units as small as a 4×4 cubby and as large as 20×20 for the serious toy collector. Because humidity can cause warping and breaking of plastic toys and cause soft toys and books to become musty a climate controlled unit is always a good choice.

Pack the toys into boxes according to age group or type of toy and be sure to label each box with the contents. Plastic boxes are a great option. They won’t collapse and will keep out moisture. If you use cardboard boxes, be sure to select sturdy ones and fill any empty space with paper or packing peanuts to protect the contents and help prevent the box from collapsing. Store toys in their original boxes if you still have them. Any toys that are valuable or breakable should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap. If a toy has multiple parts or pieces, be sure to pack them together in the same container. AAA Self Storage offers boxes in all shapes and sizes and bubble wrap for those fragile toys.

In addition to toys, self storage is also a great place to store outdoor equipment, like bicycles, tricycles, or scooters, during the winter to free up space in your garage. When the weather warms up in the spring, you can bring them back home. It’s also perfect for storing bikes that an older child has outgrown until a younger child is ready for them.

Organize Your Storage Unit for Maximum Storage and Convenience

Self storage units are a great solution for storing items you don’t have room for at home or that you don’t need access to frequently. It can also be a great place to store product inventory or documents for a home-based business. But like any space, without good organization it can quickly become cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Some careful planning and organization will not only make it easier to locate items quickly but will also help you maximize your storage space.

The first step in your organizational plan is to take inventory of everything you intend to store in your self storage unit. This will help you determine what size of storage unit you will need. Make sure you choose one that has ample space so that you don’t have to cram everything in or dig through stacks of boxes when you need something. AAA Self Storage of Topeka has several sizes of self storage units to meet any needs and we offer month-to-month leases, allowing you to upsize or downsize your unit as needed.

Before you begin packing your items, make sure you have plenty of sturdy boxes, labels, markers, tape, and bubble wrap on hand. Plastic containers are a great option. They’re durable and will protect your belongings from moisture. Clear containers will allow you to see what’s in each box. Fill the boxes to capacity but don’t make them too heavy and make sure to distribute the weight evenly within the boxes. Wrap any delicate or breakable items with bubble wrap before putting them into the boxes. Be sure to put a detailed label on each box to make it easier to find items when you need them. AAA Self Storage of Topeka offers a large variety of packing supplies; boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap and packing paper, and tape to label and secure your boxes.

Next, draw a diagram of your storage unit and label where specific items will be placed. You may find that you need to make adjustments to your diagram as you move items into your storage unit, but having a diagram before you move will give you a good starting point. Keep the following in mind as you create your diagram:

  • Consider using shelves to maximize your storage space and make it easier to access boxes placed down low.
  • Place items you need to access frequently in the front of your unit and put items you use less often at the back.
  • Furniture and appliances should be placed in the back and along the sides of your storage unit.
  • Heavy items should be placed on the floor or on lower shelves.
  • Put breakable items on high shelves or on the top of stacks.
  • Arrange boxes so that like items are together.
  • If you’re storing furniture with drawers or cabinets, fill them with smaller items.
  • Create an aisle, or two if you have a large storage unit, to provide easier access to items in the back of the storage unit.

Once you have everything moved into your storage unit, make any necessary changes to your diagram and tape it to the wall near the door. You may also want to create an itemized list of everything in your storage unit to keep at home. Any time you add or remove something from your storage unit, be sure to also note the change on your diagram and inventory list.