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Get Organized for Fall with a Self Storage Unit

Organizing and cleaning shouldn’t be reserved only for spring. As kids go back to school and students head off to college, fall is a great time to take inventory of the contents of your home and look for way to reduce the clutter and get organized for the new school year. A self storage unit is a great way to help organize some of the clutter and clear out space in your home for more useful purposes. (more…)

Self Storage is a Great Solution for All Types of Businesses

Just as with homes, businesses can quickly become cluttered with paperwork, equipment, supplies, and excess inventory, taking up valuable space in your business or office. If you have a new business, a growing business, or are just looking for a way to free up space in your existing location, self storage is the perfect solution. (more…)

Self Storage is a Great Solution for College Students

Most college students are considered somewhat transient since they are moving in and out of dorms or apartments every year. Dragging all of your possessions with you from one place to the next takes a lot of time and energy that could be better spent on studying for finals. Why not store your possessions in a secure self storage unit instead of toting it home and trying to find a space for it, just to lug it all back in a couple of months?  Apartments and dorm rooms are also notoriously short on storage space during the school year so why not give yourself some extra space by storing some non-essential items in self storage at AAA Self Storage in Topeka. (more…)

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Home and Self Storage Unit

Spring is right around the corner. And with it comes warmer weather and longer daylight hours, making it the perfect time to clean, declutter and organize your home and your self storage unit. This changing of seasons is also a great opportunity to pack away all of your winter and holiday items, like sleds, snow blowers, and holiday decorations, and pull out the warm weather clothing and tools, like lawn furniture and mowers. (more…)

Reclaim Your Garage for Your Cars with a Storage Unit in Topeka KS

Winter is on its way. And with it comes the brutal Kansas weather, which often includes freezing rain, sleet, ice, and snow, not to mention the bitterly cold temperatures. If your car is parked outdoors, that means starting your day by bundling up and braving the cold to scrape the ice and snow off your windshield and allowing extra time to your already hurried schedule to let it warm up. A garage is the perfect solution, but if your garage is too cluttered to even consider parking a car in it, you’re not alone. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 percent of homeowners with two-car garages don’t park any cars in them and 32 percent parked one car. While some people don’t use their garage for parking their cars because they have dedicated the space to other endeavors, like using it as a home office or workshop, the vast majority simply can’t squeeze their cars in due to clutter. Thankfully, AAA Self Storage in Topeka, KS can help. (more…)

Keep Your Contact Information Current to Protect Your Belongings

Just as important as selecting the right storage unit for your needs is making sure your contact information is current with your storage unit facility. You should ensure that they have your current home address, home phone number, mobile phone number and e-mail address on file. If you pay by automatic credit card charges, be sure your credit card account information is up-to-date as well. (more…)

Uses for Storage Units in Topeka, KS

You know how popular storage units can be because you see them on just about every major road you travel. Do people really have that much stuff that they need to store? The answer is yes! People have a lot of things to store, and for a lot of different reasons. Check out all these reasons why people often use self-storage facilities in Topeka, KS. Maybe you’ll see a reason below that looks familiar to you. (more…)

Already Have Boxes for Your Move? Make Sure They’re the Right Kind!

Boxes, boxes, boxes! That’s all anyone can think about from the second they make the decision to move, to the minute they’ve unpacked the last one. Yes, you’ll need boxes to move, as well as other moving supplies. But before you start running out to all the nearest grocery and liquor stores to empty them of all of theirs, take a minute to find out what kind of boxes you need. (more…)

Do You Need Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Topeka?

When many people first start looking around at different self-storage options, they typically focus on packing everything very nicely to protect their belongings, and then just piling it all as tightly into a storage unit as possible. But no matter how much care you take during the packing process, if you don’t store certain items at certain temperatures, they’re likely to break down quickly and lose any value they ever held. With climate-controlled self-storage, though, you can make sure your personal items are always stored in the most protective way possible. (more…)